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I swear dresses with pockets are one of the keys to the feminist revolution. It's why we've been denied them for so long.

She grew up in Princeville, North Carolina, a small town that is best known for its history of being hit by floods. Couple finds 1963 wedding album in ceiling while renovating home When Powell saw the bridal store’s owner, Allison Drake, standing in a damaged building with ruined dresses, she knew she had to help. “When I saw her standing there holding the dresses, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I know what she’s talking about,’” Powell told ABC News. “I know what floods can do to people and my heart just went out to her.” Powell called the local news station and asked for Drake’s contact information. She then drove the approximately 40 miles from her home to Drake’s store in Madison, North Carolina, to hand deliver eight dresses she had been saving since closing her own boutique nearly three years ago. “I knew that somebody along the way would need a wedding gown,” Powell said of her decision to keep a selection of bridal and bridesmaid gowns after closing her store. “I said, ‘I’m packing them in boxes and I’m keeping them because someday someone will need them.’” Drake was in desperate need of the dresses when Powell showed up at her store, Magnolias of Madison, on Saturday. The store, which Drake had just opened in March, was a near total loss after heavy rain and winds caused flooding in Madison last week. “My dad opened the front door of the building and the water just started rushing out like a river,” Drake said of the 18 inches of rainwater that flooded her store.

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